Alisahne beachwear Alisahne beachwear

Inspired by nature, where the alluring wild, free and primitive, merge with the calm, the gentle and the delicate, ALISAHNE SS 2019 introduces a stunning new collection that guarantees your shimmering place in the spotlight, center stage!

Patterns and textures, inspired by the beauty and diversity of natural elements, come together in a whimsical summer celebration of irresistible femininity, pure elegance and exquisite style.

Enticing embellishments, lace details and sheer fabrics highlighted by golden tints, lush flowers and vintage sepia tones, create the UNIO MYSTICA SS 2019! A mystical archetypal union that sparks life within the feminine element. A Resort Collection, which is ready to sail from the most alluring harbors to an unforgettable journey into oceans of mystery.

Summer is all about blissfully returning to where your heart belongs.

ALISAHNE's collection takes you from luxurious coasts to hidden exotic destinations.

Get ready to explore the "unknown" and embrace the world's greatest pleasures!