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Alisahne beachwear 2020

ALISAHNE cordially invites you to an exclusive dazzling fest in honor of Eve, the first woman created on earth in the garden of Eden.

Eve represents the feminine aspect of the universe. She is the archetypal source of life.

ALISAHNE celebrates the uniqueness of the feminine Spirit of Life by creating a new collection, “EDEN ASTRALE”, that invites the feminine on a transcendent astral dance. A cosmic dance that unites heaven and earth, giving birth to Star dust of Gold and Copper rays.

The stars rejoice, dressing up in an enticing kaleidoscope of patterns, embroidery and lacy textures, inspired by the mystical and yet earthly nature of the exuberant feminine element.

ALISAHNE SS 2020 introduces an enchanting new collection that celebrates the versatile nature of women, both pure and tender, seductive and strong. A collection bursting with creative energy, confidence, eroticism and harmony.

ALISAHNE’s “EDEN ASTRALE” tempts you to ascend to the stars and meet your unique feminine aura.